Virat Ataachakkis are fairly easy to understand and use. Our kits come with a sieve set of 7 numbers, a cleaning brush. Each number on the perforated sieve provides a different level of consistency to the grinded foodstuffs. Further, a childlock is also provided ensuring safety.

Plug it

Fill the hopper
with grain

Ready to use

To get started, simply open up the grinding chamber and select the sieve. Place said sieve into the chamber and make sure to close it properly with the chamber knob. Slide in the flour container along with the filter. Pour your grains of your choice into the hopper along with the mode fitting. Your Aatachakki should now start up the magic! Once the grinding process is over, the chakki will automatically stop. If someone happens to accidentally open the machine doors while its in use, worry not. The chakki will pause itself to prevent a mess! Once the grinding is complete, just take out the fresh and aromatic flour and cook up your favourite delicacies!