Welcome to Virat Aatachakki !

A brand, built on the standards of modern revolutionary technology and ethical work qualities.

Scorpio Enterprise (ISO certified) has incorporated the idea of the same into modern marvelous machines fit for the new era, bringing to the table over 25 years of experience in production and innovations in the field of flour mills, in the form of Virat Aatachakki! Grains and spices grinded at home present a plethora of benefits over store-bought Aata.

They save one’s family from having to consume preservatives and chemical impurities. And one can’t deny the felicitous satisfaction of creating food at home from scratch! Grind only the best and the safest flour for your family!

We here at Virat Aatachakkis understand the value of the customer’s time and money. Set at economical and affordable price points, our flour mills are not only practically easy to use, but also ensure the latest and most prominent technology built to last. Further, these Aatachakkis not only save labour but also keep the electricity use as little as possible.

The same durability adds to efficiently fast grinding and forming, and keeps the budget strain to a minimum. Grinding cost sits at a fair price of 75 paisa/kg. Customers can further reduce costs by bulk buying their grains!
We believe customer service is the most important value a business can have and provide. Our vast range of Flour mills don’t take up too much space and are easy to move.

Scorpio enterprises conducts regular research and development in the build, design, and evolution of its products, so that the customer always makes out the investment to be worth it! Our end vision and mission is always superior service and customer satisfaction! So take the leap, and buy your own Virat Aatachakki today!